Saturday, June 13, 2009

Homeless people profiled in SN&R cover story

In its current edition, the Sacramento News & Review [SN&R] has a cover story, called "Living Homeless: Faces and Stories from the Streets of Sacramento" that pictures 17* Sacramento homeless citizens and tells us a little, in their words, about how they became homeless and what their lives are like.

I know three or four of the people that are profiled.

I appreciate that it is a good idea to have the public come to better know homeless people as individuals, rather than as an amorphous crowd. I think that SN&R did an earnest job and was appreciative of the people interviewed.

Still, knowing several of the people, I'm disappointed about how they "came off." The people I know, animated by their spirits, as opposed to caught in hard-focused photographs, are fully splendid.

The brief bios of each person seemed incomplete, to me. But that is likely to be because I want the public to know more and feel closer to each person. SN&R was probably wise not to exhaust its typical readers with too much content.

I am hopeful, though, that the project/article makes a good impression on the public, presenting homeless Sacramentans in their variety. NOT knowing the people profiled probably results in a fully good impression of the individuals, on the whole.

Sadly, I've lost my earphones and cannot hear some of the people's stories, taped for Capitol Public Radio. Hopefully, y'all who read this blogpost will have a speaker or earphones and will be moved to click to the SN&R story and hear the audio.
Of additional interest. Three posts in Kevin Fiscus Photography blog about Fiscus taking pictures for the SN&R article: "Last week I participated in an event at Sacramento City College"; "Sacramento News and Review - Homeless Connect"; and "Robert."
* Only 14 of the people are depicted in the hardcopy edition of the story.

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