Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sac'to Muslim group to share lunch with the hungry on May 3

A group called Sacramento Muslims For the Hungry is putting on a luncheon on Sunday, May 3, to share God's blessings. The event is to be held at the Grand Hall, at 1215 "J" Street [cross-street is 12th], across from the Convention Center from 1:00 - 3:00 PM. [see map]

A similar event, quite probably hosted by the same group, was held last December 14 at the same location. That prior event was very, very successful. In a SacHo blogpost, the next day, I wrote, "A delicious afternoon meal, put on by Sacramento-area Muslims for the homeless community, yesterday, was much enjoyed and appreciated." and "The muslim people who hosted and served people, in buffet fashion, were all very kind, smiling and generous."

Notice of the forthcoming luncheon came to me, and others, in the form of a wonderful card of invitation passed out at Loaves & Fishes' Friendship Park. The card beseaches the recipient to "Come share God's blessings with us."



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