Thursday, April 9, 2009

Overflow's expanded space opens for use today

Picture at VOA homepage, showing Governor Schwarzenegger at podium with Mayor Johnson [center] at Mar. 25 joint press conference.
Four days in advance of what was expected, VOA has put 3600-sq-ft of space that was added to the Overflow complex into operation today, rather than on the 13th. This news comes from a VOA [Volunteers of America of Greater Sacramento and Northern Nevada] media release. VOA operates Overflow, also known as Winter Shelter, under contract with the county of Sacramento.

The new space exists in five proximate "modular stuctures," that are arranged in back of the main building. The modular structures will accomodate 50 additional people, comprised of 26 individuals and 24 sleeping as couples. The total sheltered at Overflow will now be 204 up from 154 (with 104 men and 50 women & children), previously.

It is expected that the sheltered that will fill the new space will come to Overflow from Tent City, which is now shrinking in number of inhabitants and will close by month-end.

As part of its expanded services, Overflow will be open until June 30 this year; provide expanded daily hours of operation (4pm to 10am); add dog kennal facilities (20 dog kennel runs, located at the Loaves & Fishes facility) and augment storage facilities (on the Delancy Center parking lot).

The media release tells us, as well, "Volunteers of America program director Elizabeth Valentine has hired additional staff for [Overflow] and is in the process of securing a host of outside agencies to frequent the shelter in the evenings to provide a range of services from HIV/AIDS testing to housing and job referrals."

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