Thursday, April 2, 2009

Light Rail to extend from Amtrak, up 7th, to Richards

New rail appears green on this tiny map; new stations are orange. CLICK THE PIC, ABOVE, to see a still-small, but readable version of the map. CLICK HERE to see the map, in full size, on the second page of an RT pdf document you may download.
Of interest to many in the homeless community [though, the City might prefer it wasn't], a new section of Light Rail will be constructed from the Sacramento Train Station, up 7th Street, to Richards Blvd. Two new light-rail stations are proposed: one on Richards, just west of 7th, and another at 8th & I, very near the Central library branch.

Construction will begin late this summer, with completion expected late in 2010. This is the first leg in a project that will eventually hook up downtown Sacramento with the International Airport, while passing through the River District and Natomas.

Many homeless people - especially those staying at the Union Gospel Mission and the VOA shelter on Bannon Street - walk along much of the long desolate section of 7th Street where rail will be placed. Along 7th Street, up from I St. to North B St., a bi-directional single rail will be installed on the east side of 7th. North of North B, they will install a double rail for passing trains.

Regional Transit's quick name for the construction is MOS-1 [for Minimal Operable Segment #1], with a layperson title of Green Line to the River District. The whole project, with all its segments, from downtown through Natomas to the Airport, is called DNA, short for "Downtown Natomas Airport."


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