Friday, April 10, 2009

Latest news from Tent City

Yo, Tent City-interested readers:

Filmmaker Costa Mantis is filming at Tent City to produce a daily report from there. His YouTube video mini-documentaries are must-sees. Below, his 4/9 report:

You can find Costa Mantis's reports updated at YouTube.

Also, Val Jon Farris has been living at and blogging and filming at Tent City. You can learn what he's learned firsthand at the Sacramento Tent City webpage at his recently-formed organization i-Care America. [Note that i-Care America is new in 2009, without a history to judge it by. SacHo/Tom is sceptical of the organization, but is hopeful it will stick around and earn trust that it doesn't yet have as an outfit that will be honorable and aid Sacramento homeless.]


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