Friday, March 13, 2009

More News on Farris

Val Jon Farris has gotten himself on TV, again.

Though he has no background working on homeless causes and has only very, very recently gotten into the biz after his effort to get re-employed as a corporate consultant failed, Farris and a nonprofit he started just two months ago, iCare-America, were featured yesterday on News10.

While Farris's intentions might be honorable, he and his organization have appeared on the scene out of nowhere.

In the video below, [or, found at News10 here] we hear about how Farris is scoping the situation at Camp Hope in Ontario, California, as a possible model for grounds and governance for Sacramento's encamped homeless. See video, below, where Farris is called in the intro a homeless advocate:

A very curious thing is that much of the video from the News10 report comes from an unacknowledged clip from a documentary done on Dec. 26, 2007 by a group called Mission4Him. See viddy, below:

News10's report tells us that Farris is on a mission for the city of Sacramento. And the text for the report at the Channel 10 webspace tells us that he's "investigating the camp for Sacramento officials."

UPDATE 3/15: If you now look at the webpage at News10 for their report, you will find three comments, all dated 3/14, written by Mission4Him [real name Gabriel Provencio], the Mission4Him team leader.

Provencio writes, "we have been here in Ontario since the beginning of Tent City and we know for a fact that there has not been one person at this Camp that has lost their home because of the foreclosure crises." And, the reporting "lacks integrity, because it give the impression that the video clips where was shot this month when in fact it was shot on Dec 26 2007 by me"

Provencio advises News10 and its readers see this video his organization shot for an up-to-date view of what Tent City in Ontario looks like:

Here, Provencio's video, embedded in SacHo:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While one cannot fault those who have donated to this organization, it certainly appears that there is a huge dosage of self-promotion on Farris' part.

March 14, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

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