Friday, December 12, 2008

Mustard Seed School seeks donated children's gifts

Toys and clothing for children are sought by Mustard Seed School, a free, private school for kids 3 to 15 years of age. Mustard Seed is located within the Loaves & Fishes facility on No. C St. in Sacramento.

Mustard Seed was established two decades ago to meet the needs of children who have been out of school, or denied school, because of homelessness.

According to text at the school’s webspace, “Many homeless children are not enrolled in school because the places their families find to sleep are often not near a school and the family [plans to be where they are for only] a short time. Sometimes the [available public] school needs an address or updated immunizations which homeless families cannot provide.” Other reasons a child might be denied school enrollment are because of the lack of a birth certificate or other essential documentation.

From fifteen to thirty-five children may attend the school each day, with an average stay of just three to four weeks.

Prime donation suggestions are these:
  • New Unwrapped gift
  • New sweat suits in all sizes
  • Gift certificates to Target-like stores and grocery stores
  • Wrapping paper
A complete Muster Seed Donation Wish List can be found here. Note that the list asks that donations come in by December 12. That date has been extended to December 16. So hurry! For more information call 916-447-3626.

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