Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Food Not Bombs' Honored by News10

The friendly, keenly wonderful folks of Food Not Bombs have been honored by News10, a Sacramento-area ABC-network affiliate, as their weekly Good People. Per the TV station's reporting:
In these tough economic times, life can be even harder for those without a place to stay and don't know when they will eat their next meal. This week's Good People are a group of local volunteers who make sure that those less fortunate don't spend their Sundays with an empty stomach.
Most Central Sacramento homeless folk know of the good work of FNB. On Sundays, the youngish adults of the organization come to the south end of César Chávez Park on bicycles at near-precisely 1:30pm, quickly put together their set-up, and serve very, very tasty and mightily nutricious hot meals that are meat-free. In place of meat, the organization serves tofo. And always, always there is a bounty of vegetables.

At their webspace, FNB gives us their motto: "By distributing food that wasn't pretty enough to sell, Food Not Bombs rips off the pretty face of consumerism to reveal the waste it creates."

Yes, indeedy. As News10 reports, quoting Sarena Ramirez,"It's a statement of consumerism, how we dump boxes and boxes of usable produce, it's just thrown in the dumpster. We take and recover that and we serve about 100 people."

The mission of FNB is given at their website as a protest against "militarism and poverty by serving free vegetarian food to people in need."

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