Thursday, December 28, 2000

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dateSat, Dec 12, 2009 at 10:58 AM
subjectEnjoyed our conversation Thursday.

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I enjoyed our conversation on Thursday. I thank you for your time.

As much as we are on the same side on most issues, I am greatly concerned about the radical politics at the core of the Safe Ground movement, which appears to be the sole focus of SHOC, and plays a part in the administration and philosophy of Loaves & Fishes and Francis House.

In my humble opinion, it would not only be wise, but is a non-brainer, that ridding Loaves & Fishes (and Francis House, for that matter) of any association with communist politics would serve the best interests of Sacramento's homeless population and both those organizations.

Donors to L&F (and Francis House) have a right to know when money they give is going, largely, toward a fringe political movement they are likely to abhor.

With this very big fee SHOC will be getting for administrating claims payouts associated with the Lehr lawsuit, "wacky communist ideas" (as I would term them) have infiltrated Homeless World Sacramento to an ever greater extent.

L&F (and, separately, Francis House) should sit down and decide which is more important to you of the two efforts: (1) To aid and improve the lives of homeless people, or (2) To remain on the quixotic (and I would add: dunderheaded) quest of completely changing the United States into something similar to the failed Soviet Union.

The two efforts are at odds. Neither L&F nor F.H. will be 'protected' against public awareness of the toxic situation the two organizations have put themselves in, forever.


Tom Armstrong
Sacramento Homeless blog


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